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Places in Andalucía:

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La Subbética Cordobesa in Andalucía

The Subbética is a district made up of 14 towns in the south of Córdoba province, in the heart of Andalucía. This privilged location means that the Costa del Sol and the cities of Córdoba, Granada and Jaén are no more than an hours drive and Seville can be reached in under 2 hours.
The Subbética, which covers 159,190 hectares has a population of 117,000 inhabitants.
Visitors to the Subbética will be rewarded with outstanding natural beauty (the Natural Park is just one example), a rich artistic heritage, varied gastronomy, interesting towns and villages and plenty of things to do.
The area has a Mediterranean climate influenced by the Atlantic, with intermittent rainfall in the winter and long, dry, hot summers.

The Natural Park was granted official status and protection in 1988 by the regional government. The most characteristic feature of this semi-mountainous area is the beautiful karst shaping of the limestone rock. The steep slopes and rugged crags of the sierras (hill ranges) look down onto beautiful valleys. Within the Park you can ascend Córdoba's highest point, Mount Tińosa at 1,570 mts above sea level. On a clear day you can see for more than 100 kms. The vegetation of the Park is typically Mediterranean and has a wealth of flora and fauna. Among the many things to keep an eye out for are eagles, wild boar and vultures soaring on the thermals.

The Via Verde or Green Way of the Subbética is the result of the recovery of the old railway line from Puente Genil to Jaén which used to carry both olive and passenger traffic.You can cycle the 58 kms at your leaisure and admire the old stations, museums, bridges and tunnels.
The gastronomy is centred around the superb quality olive oil that this region is famous for. In December you can witness the pig-slaughtering and see the chorizo and salchichón (spicy sausages) being made. The diet is essentially meat based but that does not mean that you cannot get daily fresh seafood.

Each one of the 14 towns has its own character so come and enjoy some of the best kept secrets of this amazing part of Spain

Locations and images in "La Subbética Cordobesa" inland Andalucía

>> Córdoba, Andalucía, Spain

Places in the Subbética


Roman town.

Las Sileras (Almedinilla)



Carcabuey resident cooling off, Our base.

Castil de Campos


El Cańuelo


El Esparragal

A typical village


Lake of Andalucía

El Higueral (Iznájar)



At the northern edge of the Park

Priego de Córdoba

Priego de Córdoba (Córdoba, Andalucía) is our largest and nearest town in this area and is the administrative centre of La Subbética region.
More info and photogallery from Priego de Córdoba

Zagrilla Alta

Zagrilla La Alta

Zagrilla Baja

Zagrilla La Baja


Possibly the prettiest of La Subbética towns

Other Places

Other places of interest in the Subbética

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